A prison is about to be evacuated to make room for an airport expansion project. Colonel Jahed and his officers are busy transferring all inmates to the new facility, but one is missing...
This well-researched documentary, with over 120 clips from archival films shot almost exclusively by male film-makers, portrays the domestic and social position of Iranian women from 1932 to the 1979 revolution.
A group of friends decide to realise their dream of opening a small Tehran restaurant to earn a living. Mansour, having lost his regular job, now works as a private cab driver.
Based on a true story, Cold Sweat is a riveting drama about an Iranian futsal champion, Afrooz, who finds herself unable to travel to the biggest match of her life without her husband’s permission.
Crude oil comes out of a middle-aged woman’s body. On the one hand, it is empowering; on the other it brings uncertainty.
Three disenchanted characters: an ex-champion body-builder, an overweight beauty clinic secretary and a dispirited religious singer, yearn for love and connection in Tehran.
Leila is a single working mum of two, living in sanctions-gripped Iran. The factory she works at faces a crisis and jobs are at stake. Kazem, the factory bus driver, proposes marriage to Leila, but she hesitates to accept his conditions.