About the Festival

The Edinburgh Iranian Festival

A celebration of Iranian art, music, history, food and cultural links in the heart of Scotland’s Capital, Edinburgh.

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Iran has a rich traditional heritage in music, art, crafts, cuisine and literature – and today’s Iran is also home to an abundance of vibrant contemporary talent, with its internationally acclaimed cinema, resurgent art scene and dynamic fashion and design industry.

The Edinburgh Iranian Festival is a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SCIO), with Charity Number SC044795.

It is run by an enthusiastic and passionate group of volunteers from our base in Edinburgh and directed by a board of trustees who include Sara Kheradmand, Atiyeh Naghsh, and Dr. Fayaz S. Alibhai.

The festival aims to increase understanding of Iranian culture, history and people, at a time when perceptions of the country in the Western world are heavily skewed by politics.

With over 5,000 Iranians currently living in Scotland, and given the celebrated tradition for cultural festivals in the Capital, Edinburgh is a natural home for this Festival.

  • To curate a non-political, non-religious biennial festival, showcasing the best of Iranian culture and history to Scottish residents and Iranian ex-pats alike.
  • To provide a platform for new and up-coming artists and encourage interaction between British and Iranian artists, performers and historians.
  • To increase understanding of, and discussion about, Iranian culture/heritage and the Iranian people.
  • To build new and strengthen existing relationships between the Scottish and Iranian people.
Mehran Haddadi

Aiming to span both Iran’s rich history and its contemporary cultural life, this biennial festival hopes to address misconceptions by introducing Scotland to the heart and soul of Iran – from its art and music, through to its history and food.

As part of the festival experience the following:

  • Talks, books & poetry
  • Art & Film
  • Music & Entertainment
  • Food & drink
  • Fashion, theatre & dance